Canada welcomes thousands of new immigrants every year and Government of Canada along with various financial institutions is ready to help you make the change. You are definitely feeling burden and challenging in need to be in control of your money, stay in touch with home, and feel informed and secure. eLoan Canada has gathered some important information here to help make your transition a little easier.

It’s a common myth that if you are not a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, you do not have right and qualify for a mortgage loan. The good news is that you will find various lenders offer mortgage products specifically tailored to the needs of non-landed immigrants. While most financial institutions traditionally have insisted that new immigrants provide a down payment of at least 20% to 35%, there are now lenders who offer qualifying new immigrants or those who have been transferred to Canada by an employer, mortgages which feature a much lower down payment.

When new immigrants and foreign workers first arrive in Canada, buying a car is a major purchase for many. Scotiabank is proud to introduce the StartRight Auto Loan Program, which provides auto financing solutions to newcomers.

Auto Source works directly with Scotiabank  to Get New Immigrants or Foreign Workers Car Loans in Canada.

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