2011 Suzuki Kizashi Buyers Review

2011 Suzuki Kizashi Buyers Review


I have owned my 2011 Suzuki Kizashi SX for three months now and can say it is probably the best kept secret in the car industry. Safer than a Volvo, more responsive a BMW or Audi and costs way less. For being the bestselling car in Japan I am surprised no one in Canada has ever heard of it, likely Because of a non-existent ad campaign. Great Warranty, Fun to drive, turns heads everywhere I go. The quality of the build, fit, finish and all the little details and gadgets Suzuki included are impressive. This car is defiantly worth a test drive even if you’re looking at its more expensive European Car!

My Favorite Features for Kizashi are the iAWD, Safety features, Leather interior, moon roof, Sports Shift (standard on all Automatic models), performance and handling, Aggressive wheels, Exciting styling, Warranty, Low Price.

This car is great! The people at Suzuki walked me through everything and answered all of my questions, even the ones that I didn’t know I had! I really like the way that the car feels while I’m inside of it on the city streets plus it looks like luxury…with me inside it!

Thanks to Auto Source for arranging my loan and Credit Smart Canada for fixing all my Credit Issues. Now I have the Car I always dreamed of, my Credit is repaired thanks to Credit Smart Canada life is good!

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