Is your credit horrible? Do you have past bankruptcies, judgements, collections, and repossessions? This is no longer an uncommon thing as more and more people are suffering from bad credit. This makes it difficult to get a loan and even auto loans are hard to find with bad credit. However, bad credit auto loans do not have to be difficult if you know where to look.

First, you can use a lender online that will give you guaranteed financing for your new vehicle as long as you meet the income requirements and promise to carry full coverage. They approve almost everybody and the only people they do not approve most of the time is the ones that have already gone bad on their loan with them. So if you have never had a loan with them, then you will be just fine.

The downside is the interest rate will be very high, and there might be fees with the loan. This is the price you pay for having bad credit, though.

Second, you can use buy here pay here car lot. These are all over the place and will finance anybody that can come up with a couple hundred dollars down and has a steady income. You will be able to drive away in a car the very same day and you will be set up on a weekly or bi weekly payment plan that will suit your needs. Make sure you get your vehicle checked out before you buy it though.

Last, you can go to a new car dealership during an anybody is approved promotion. These happen every now and again and there will be lenders there to offer bad credit auto loans. Expect to put a couple thousand down, though or you will not be able to drive away in the vehicle you want.

Do you need a loan and you have bad credit? It doesn’t matter what the reason for the Bad Credit Auto Loan is, you will be approved!

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