Car Loans with No Credit Checks

When seeking auto financing, it can often be tough for borrowers with a bad credit history to find a loan, let alone a decent interest rate. In today’s economy, many people have become saddled with poor credit due to bankruptcy, repossession, or other defaults. Consequently, for credit challenged individuals, auto financing can seem to be an impossible task. Even so, a bad credit history can’t prevent a determined borrower from getting their dream car through the Auto Loan Finance Lender Network. If you’ve had loan applications rejected in the past, we’re here to help you get past that today. Our immense lender network will help you find the right auto loans with bad credit option for your unique situation. That’s our guarantee to our customers. We’re here to help you get qualified for your automobile finance, whether for a new or used car through a local automotive dealer, without any hassles and with the lowest possible rates despite your past credit history. Apply today, fill out simple application form and get guaranteed approval car loans for bad credit.

Near Instant Approval for Bad Credit Auto Loans
Get Qualified in as Little as 60 Seconds for a Poor Credit Auto Loan!

Our bad credit auto loan financing options are specially intended for individuals having a less than perfect credit rating, allowing them to obtain their car with affordable rates, while reestablishing their credit.

An affordable bad credit auto loan can offer a second chance to people who would like to start out fresh, make timely payments, and rebuild a strong credit score (FICO). Our national network of lenders believes that bad credit and low interest rates can go hand in hand. Your rate may be a bit higher than average, but they will be affordable. Will you need a cosigner if you have bad credit? Sometimes. Nevertheless, there certainly are no cosigner bad credit car loans available. How, you ask? Our lender network of more than 400 auto lenders and dealerships nationally almost always has bad credit auto loans with no co-signer options available.It will really depend on your own circumstances and how low your credit rating really is. The lender or dealership will do a credit check, look at your credit score and give you more than one option. These options could involve a cosigner, a down payment, or neither if your income makes up the difference to make the lender feel secure.

What is a Bad Credit Auto Loan?

Bad credit auto loans are specially designed for individuals who can’t get pre approved for an auto loan with customary lending sources; for instance credit unions, local banks, or the lending arms of auto manufacturers. These lending sources generally don’t lend to individuals with low or bad credit history, recent bankruptcy, low earnings, low down payment, or previous vehicle recovery. That being said, many dealerships have a special finance department in place to facilitate auto loans for bad credit for people that have a less than perfect credit history.

How do I Get Eligible for a Bad Credit Auto Loans?

The essential qualifications are:

  • Monthly provable earnings of minimum $1,800 per month.
  • Presently reside in Canada.
  • Canadian citizens, Foreign Workers or New Immigrants
  • Capable to get automobile insurance.
  • Permanent employment or guaranteed fixed earnings for the term of the loan.
  • Most lenders need a working phone number and proof of residence

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