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Car Loans: Access up to 40 Australian Lenders with NO CREDIT CHECK!

Simply complete our short car loan assessment questionnaire to begin your free assessment of your car loan eligibility … and an offer of the best car loan rates & options – sourced from a large selection of Australia’s leading and best rated car loan specialists.


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We can help you source the right car loan – regardless of your situation…

þ Refused by the Banks

þ Self-employed

þ Business Start-up

þ Bad Credit history

þ Discharged Bankrupt

Click here to apply for your free car loan assessment

Personal Borrowers …

þ Unsecured Loans

þ Secured Car Loans

Business Purposes …

þ Lo-Doc Car Loans

þ Leasing

þ Commercial Hire Purchase

þ Chattel Mortgage

Click here to apply for your free car loan assessment

Not yet ready to buy?

Use our free car loan eligibility assessment to find out how much you can afford to borrow now and, when you are ready to go shopping for a car, you can do so with the confidence of being pre-approved!

Just complete the simple, one-page car loan eligibility application form and a fully qualified, professional finance consultant will set out your options for achieving what you want to do.

If you do not currently qualify automatically to borrow enough money to buy your dream car right now, your finance consultant can help you by:-

  • explaining all of the options and alternatives that may currently be available to you;

  • showing you exactly what more you need to do in order to borrow the amount you need now;

  • outlining exactly what you will need to do in order to qualify at some time in the future and;

  • maintaining contact with you to provide ongoing information and assistance as you require until you

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