Getting a Car Loan

Has this happened to you? You’re driving along the Highway on your way home from a hard day at work, when suddenly your car ceases to move. You figure something is wrong from all of the blue and black smoke that is pouring out from under the hood. You manage to get your hunk of metal towed to the nearest service garage only to get more bad news. The mechanics actual words being, it would be kinder just to shoot it tell you that your car is beyond repair. You’re now in an awful situation. You need your car to get to work. However, buying a new car will be extremely difficult because you have had previous credit problems. You’re at a loss for what to do. Well, the situation may not be as dire as you think. Auto Source Financial offers Bad Credit and No Credit Car Loans. Our car loans are designed to help people in these circumstances obtain financing for a car. Even those with serious credit problems in the past have been able to obtain a bad credit car loan.


You may be wondering how this works. Well, most banks and lending institutions realize that the majority of people get into trouble for 1 of 2 reasons. The most common is change of circumstances and the other is just mismanagement. Very few people get their through dishonesty. You may have gotten into debt trouble through loss of your job or a family break up. These circumstances caused you to have financial difficulty. Auto Source Finance will look at your current situation and try to give you a loan based on that. If your have a job currently, and have been meeting your monthly obligations since your previous trouble, then your chances are fairly good.


Applying for a Bad Credit or No Credit Car Loan is quite similar to applying for any car loan. However, you will be held to a different set of criterion. You may also be expected to pay a higher rate of interest than a standard car loan. However, it may be worth it when you consider the possibilities that this loan can give you. You can also ask for a lower rate once you have been making timely payments for sometime.


Don’t let past credit problems get in the way of getting a car loan. Many people today are getting financing that have faced serious credit problems in the past. Bankruptcy and county court judgment no longer need to stand in your way. With the right bank or lending institution you can soon be on your way to driving that brand new car.


Auto Source Finance works with VFC who will grant you a car loan even while you’re in bankruptcy. You can start building your new credit right away. You may have to pay a large interest rate in the beginning but your credit is worth the interest. After you have made 10-12 payments on time Auto Source will help you reduce your interest rate to prime lending rates. So if you think you cannot get a Car because you are bankrupt or have no credit or bad credit talk with Auto Source Financial and start building your credit Now!

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