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Trying to get a Vehicle loan in Canada can be a difficult task if you don’t have credit?

After working in the Prime and Non-Prime lending field I have come across all types of credit issues. People with Bad Credit or No Credit seeking car loans in Canada have always been offered limited options with High Interest. Auto Source Financial seems to be the best solution for the New Credit or Bad Credit Car Loan Buyer.


 One of Canada’s best indirect consumer finance companies, ASF is a leading provider of automotive purchase financing and consumer instalment loans. Founded in 1991, ASF has proven itself as a reliable source of credit to customers and an invaluable business partner to automobile dealers and retail vendors nationwide.


Bad Credit Second Chance Program


ASF offers Bad Credit car loan Buyers a second chance program. Should you be approved through ASF after 10 months of on time car payments ASF will lower your financing fee to 8.9 % for a New Vehicle.


The best way to take advantage of ASF’s second chance program is in the beginning find a vehicle that fits your budget. Try to find a vehicle that is 1 to 2 years old that still has remaining factory warranty. By choosing a vehicle of this type you shouldn’t have to purchase a used car warranty as the Vehicle has the remaining balance of the Factory warranty. This will save you a little more money as used car warranties come at a price.


Drive the Pre Owned vehicle for the probation period with the knowledge that with in 10-12 months you will have a Brand New Car at Prime Bank Interest. Also be sure to maintain your temporary vehicle keeping it clean for return Value.


Upon Completion of your 10 – 12 month probation period ASF will contact you, at which time you can return your old vehicle and get a Brand New Vehicle usually at the same payment you’re presently making at 8.9% Interest.


No Credit Program for Foreign Workers and Students


If you are a New Immigrant to Canada, Foreign Student trying to get Credit for a Vehicle in Canada you have little to no options as without Permanent Residency status No Commercial Lender can or will give you a New Car Loan


ASF offers No Credit car loan Buyers the opportunity to Purchase a Brand New Vehicle with No Credit at all! They work with Foreign Students, New Immigrants and Citizens who have never established credit in Canada.

Auto Source will assess your needs and get you driving a New Vehicle of your choice usually within 24 hours at Prime Interest rates starting from 8.9%


Call Direct:  604-603-8796



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