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Get a Guaranteed Car Loan in Canada

Author: Auto Source Financial

If you’re New to Canada or New to Credit getting a car loan can be a very difficult task. Many people who have never had credit in Canada are continually being turned down for financing because they have zero credit.

Many of our past customers have said:

“How am I suppose to get credit if nobody will give it to me”

This is a fair question that needs to be answered!

When you go to a car dealership the Business Manager –Finance Manager takes your credit information such as you name, address, birth date and employment information. Many times Business Managers will not check your standing with Equifax and submit you to ever bank in their portfolio in hopes of a credit approval.

By doing this the Business Manager is actually hurting your Credit! If you have never had credit or applied for credit before it’s very important to limit the number of enquiries on your credit report. The more enquiries you have lessons the chances you have of getting credit.

What happens is one Bank checks your credit and sees another Bank also checked your credit. Then they assume well the first bank turned them down so why should we approve them. Thus another turn down from the Bank and another hit against your credit score.

Auto Source Financial has specially trained credit analysts who understand Canada’s credit reporting system and can work with you to obtain New Credit in Canada even if you had Bad Credit in the Past.

Our Credit Specialists with also help you obtain a Credit Card and tech you how to take your credit score for (N) to 750 within 6 months.

Take the right steps to obtaining credit in Canada the right and easy way go to and apply on line. We finance your future no your past!

About the Author:

Auto Source Financial is a Canadian Financial Firm that assists people with No credit or Bad Credit Obtain Vehicle Financing. We Specialize in New Immigrants and Foreign Student Vehicle Loans.

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