Credit scores are now being used by more than potential creditors to determine your creditworthiness. Your employer, landlord and insurance company may also be using your credit score to decide how much to charge you, whether to hire or promote you or if you would be a good lease candidate. Given that, it is wise to keep your credit score and credit reports in the best shape possible.

A fairly new score has recently come on the scene, the VantageScore. This credit score has a different formulation from the FICO score and was established by the three major credit bureaus. In the past when you received a credit report from one of the bureaus, for example Experian, you would also receive a credit score that was determined by the information contained on your report from just that one bureau. As a result, credit scores varied from each of the three different bureaus because they don’t all contain exactly the same information. With the VantageScore, you will receive the same credit score no matter which bureau provides it.

Now that you have some background, let’s get to your question. One of the best tools for knowing how to improve your specific score is to purchase your credit score and read the tips and explanation that are included in your score.

Without knowing what is in your credit report, it is difficult for me to tell you the exact steps to take to improve your score by a specific point value. I can, however, give you and my readers some tips on how to improve your credit scores as much as possible.

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