New Immigrant Credit in Canada

Immigrants to a new country usually do not realize that your credit history will not continue in their new country. This can benefit a person with bad credit history, but for someone who had excellent credit, it would be frustrating.

On the positive side, financial institutions may be willing to recognize their credit history before outside a country if you ask them to. This may involve, for example, request a copy of your credit report from credit reporting agency in another country and sit with an officer of the branch to discuss your loan or credit.

Other tips to help you start building a new credit history from scratch are:

1) secured credit cards are an excellent way to build a credit history. You would have to deposit money in a financial institution that handles secured credit cards, and instead will offer a credit equal to the amount of the deposit.

2) If your husband has a good credit history in their new country, have co-sign on a loan or credit card application.

3) Apply card credit department store, sometimes approve credit to people without credit history.

In addition, creditors like to see a mix of credit. This implies both a credit card and installment loan (personal loan or car loan) of some sort. This will show the way to building a great credit rating over time.

When building a credit history fresh as a new immigrant will make sure to pay all your monthly bills on time. It is equally important not to over extend yourself on credit.

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