Canada has emerged as one of the great multicultural societies of the world and its immigration policy is one of the primary reasons for this. Canada attracts a considerable number of immigrants each year from all over the globe including skilled professionals and refugees. With several organizations that help immigrants settle easily in the country, newcomers to the country often finding adjusting to the country simple and uncomplicated.

However, one of the aspects where new immigrants do find themselves in bit of a bother is when it comes to applying for a car loan. Most Canadian lenders need you to have a minimum credit score before they can process your application. The very fact that immigrants are new to the country means they do not have any kind of credit history in Canada. This obviously results in a zero credit score or a score which is not good enough to apply for car loans. Of course this is neither the fault of the lenders who need to ensure their borrowers can repay on time nor of the immigrants who have no credit history in Canada.

Immigrants who wish to eventually apply for a car loan in Canada to buy a new car have to ensure they start building a good credit score from the beginning. One of the ways to do this is to apply for new immigrants credit cards available with most banks in the country and ensure proper utilization of the card. Paying the credit card monthly bills on time is the best way to build up a good credit score quickly. At the same time, going overboard with your credit card and missing monthly payments could end up ruining your chances for any kind of loan in the future.  Learning the rule of credit is very important. If you get a pre approved credit card in Canada you must never carry over a balance of more than 40%, to assure the best credit score it’s recommended you pay the credit car balance in full every month.

When new immigrants and foreign workers first arrive in Canada, buying a car is a major purchase for many. Scotiabank is proud to introduce the StartRight Auto Loan Program, which provides auto financing solutions for New Immigrant Car Loans in Canada and Foreign Worker Car Loans in Canada

Auto Source works directly with Scotiabank  to Get New Immigrants or Foreign Workers Car Loans in Canada. For any new immigrant to Canada, building up a good credit score and ensuring sound financial habits will only help enhance the experience of living in the country and will certainly help in integrating with the community much faster.

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