Auto Financing

approval-todayCanadians across the nation have been hit hard by the financial crisis, but many are still in a position where regardless of their credit rating or difficulty in obtaining credit, they still need a vehicle to get them around the city. The good news is that since sales are down, the dealerships have been dropping prices on automobiles and enticing customers to come in and purchase cars at some of the best prices in years. Now is a fantastic time to buy, and you shouldn’t let something like a bad credit rating, or no credit at all stop you from taking advantage of these unique times.

Connecting you to the best priced cars negotiated under low-interest, highly advantageous loans is our business. We are adept at tapping into our network of lenders, dealerships and financing companies to ensure that you will obtain the necessary auto financing to fund your car purchase, regardless of your credit history or score. Gone through a divorce or suffered financial hardship that harmed your ability to find credit? Worry not; it’s our business to help you find the credit and financing you need, and to make sure that the money side of things is taken care of quickly and painlessly, to put you behind the wheel as fast as possible.

If you have questions, concerns, or you’d just like to get the process started as quickly as possible to ensure immediate financing, call us or apply today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and explain how quickly someone with good credit, bad credit or no credit can get behind the wheel in no time, and build their credit rating at the same time. Call us today!

Get on the road to rebuilding your credit today!