BC Canada Bad Credit Auto Loan Financing

Vancouver Car Loans is the top Canadian auto loan company serving every city and town in the province of BC with affiliate loan companies and car dealerships across Canada. We offer New Car Vehicle Financing, including zero percent financing, and Used Car Loans at the best interest rates available.

Vancouver Car Loans specialize in helping Canadians with bad credit to get approved for car loan financing and help them buy the car, truck, SUV or minivan they want. Our auto loans also help fix bad credit, increase your credit score and improve your credit rating and credit report.

The process is fast, simple, confidential and free. Regardless of past issues, our finance credit experts will get you approved! Just click here, fill out the form and in 24 hours or less we will get you approved!

While we deal with all traditional financing, major Canadian banks, leasing companies, credit unions, we also have sources available to handle credit, which do not meet the lending standards of major banks. These loan companies do not deal directly with the public, only through our network of car dealers. We will get you approved at the best possible interest rate your credit will allow.

Getting financing for your vehicle has never been easier! “No Application Refused – We help you buy a car!”

No matter what the circumstances are we can help you get a guaranteed auto loan approval online today  regardless of your credit history, or lack of credit.

Getting a new or used vehicle loan has never been easier!

Our network of auto dealers have years of experience and will help you even if you have been declined before elsewhere.

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All vehicles have warranty or are eligible for an extended warranty
First Time Buyers with No Previous Credit History? Approved!
Bad Credit History or Horrible Credit History? Approved!
Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal and Debt Management Programs welcome.
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No Credit History? Approved!
Divorced Applicants? Approved!
Self Employed or Paid in Cash? Approved!
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