Car Loans for People with Bad Credit


If you are looking for car loans for people with bad credit, just walking in to any dealership and asking for it can be tough. Many people spend hours in an auto dealership, pick out their car, only then to find that they don”t qualify for the financing. What an embarrassing situation! There is a solution to this. Apply online from the privacy and comfort of your own home. There are many Internet based auto lenders that that are only glad to get applications from people regardless of their credit history. Remember, the Internet is a big place and competition there is high.

Therefore, many of these lenders are competing for your business and so offer competitive interest rates on car loans for bad credit. To begin with, just search around the Internet and do a Google search for bad credit car loans, taking into account the interest rates and other terms that will affect your monthly payment. Get several quotes so you can choose between them to find the best bad credit auto finance deal.

Bad Credit Car Loan Repayment Length

Repayment schedules for bad credit car loans usually last between two to six years. The repayment length usually just depends on the applicant”s monthly income. Remember though, it”s usually the better to keep the repayment length as short as possible as this can save you many thousands of dollars in the long run. “Pay off the loan as quickly as possible” is certainly a good advice. Many loans will allow you to make extra payments as you go along; saving you money on the extra interest you would pay. However, some loans have a penalty for early payment, so be sure to look at the terms of your bad credit car loan closely before you sign on the dotted line.

Bad Credit Auto Finance down Payments

Most lenders will ask for some sort of down payment when applying for car financing for bad credit. Still, there are some dealerships and lenders that will finance for bad credit car loans no money down. Just remember, that these 100% financing deals do come at a price. You will certainly get a higher interest rate and higher monthly payments if you seek 100% car financing for bad credit. So, if you are able, set aside some money for a down payment. The more you are able to put down, the lower your monthly payments will be. It is another excellent way to save money on your bad credit car loan.