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Abbotsford Vehicle Loans- Bad Credit OK

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Quick Vehicle Loans in Abbotsford with Bad Credit

At Abbotsford Vehicle Loans, we provide Abbotsford car loans to people with a wide variety of credit issues. If you are having a tough time getting an auto loan approved because you have been recently divorced, are new to the country, get paid in tips or cash, have bad credit, have been bankrupt, in a consumer proposal or have no established credit, we can help you! Your problem is much more common than you think and we have the lenders to help situations just like yours!

At Abbotsford Vehicle Loans in Abbotsford British Columbia, We offer a FREE service that pre-approves you for a car loan before you go shopping for a vehicle. You get approved first and then you decide if you want to get a New Vehicle, Used Car, Truck, Minivan, Luxury Vehicle or an economical cheap car – your choice! APPLY HERE

We Get Your Loan Approved! Once you’ve applied using our easy online loan application, you’ll be assisted by a personal Loan Consultant right through the closing of your loan.

We have banks and lenders for any credit situation including bankruptcy, consumer proposal, collections or any other bad credit situation.


Abbotsford Vehicle loans gives the individuals who have great credit, terrible credit and no credit the financing they requirement for a car advance. In the event that you live in Abbotsford, British Columbia and have awful credit, have encountered a liquidation, buyer proposal or have no credit,  Abbotsford car loans can organize the financing you requirement for the auto advance you merit. Advance Doctor comprehends that things happen in life over which we have no control- in some cases bringing about poor record as a consumer. Don’t let your awful record of loan repayment get to be prevent you from purchasing the auto you need and need.


About Abbotsford, British Columbia

Abbotsford is a Canadian city located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, adjacent to Metro Vancouver. It is the 5th largest municipality in British Columbia, home to 123,864 people (2006). Its Census Metropolitan Area is the 23rd largest in Canada, with 159,020 people (2006). It has the 3rd highest proportion of visible minorities of all Census Metropolitan Areas in Canada, after the Greater Toronto Area and Metro Vancouver.

Abbotsford is the largest municipality by area in British Columbia. It is home to the University of the Fraser Valley and Abbotsford International Airport, which hosts the Abbotsford International Airshow. The municipality’s southern boundary is the Canada-US border, across which is Sumas in the state of Washington. In Canada, it is bordered by Langley to the west, the Fraser River and Mission to the north, and Chilliwack to the east. Much of Abbotsford has dramatic views of Mount Baker (to the southeast) and the Coast Mountains (to the north). 62% of employed Abbotsford residents work in the city of Abbotsford itself.

Most of the remaining 38% commutes to Mission, Chilliwack or to Vancouver and its suburbs (primarily Surrey and Langley). More than 25% of Abbotsford’s work force commutes to Abbotsford from other municipalities. The Conference Board of Canada has identified the local economy as one of the most diverse in the country.Abbotsford’s main industries are agriculture, transportation, manufacturing and retail. The city earns the highest dollar per acre of agricultural land in the country, greater than the Niagara Region and the North Okanagan. The city is home to three federal prisons, each of which employs between 200 and 500 officers and support staff. There is also a growing aerospace industry led by Cascade Aerospace and Conair Group Inc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit in Canada

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Do you have bad credit? Are you of the belief that you can not get a car loan because of your bad credit rating? Thousands of Canadians were in the same financial position that you and are now proud owners of new cars, in spite of their bad credit!

Due to an increase in the number of Canadians with bad credit, a select number of financial institutions have been specifically directed to specialize in bad credit car loans. It is through these banks and private lenders for people with bad credit in the past may not have been approved on a car loan, are almost 89% Guaranteed! This may sound too good to be true, but it is not. The approval process of bad credit car loan has never been so easy! (1) Fill out the online consent form (2) Choose your payment and (3) Choose your car. It’s that easy!

Poor credit is nothing to be ashamed. You can have the car of your dreams, without waiting for your bad credit repair itself. Forget about waiting seven years for bad credit to “fall from his office.” Take control of your credit and finances. By obtaining a bad credit loan car, your credit card will also improve much faster. Here’s how it works: regular payments of your car loan each month will show the lender that you are responsible and capable of consistently making payments on your loan. Take a few months before the credit card company will increase your credit score and you’re on your way to restore your credit.

Recognizing the need for bad credit car loans, many car dealers have hired a specialist in loans to help people with bad credit get a car. The credit specialist works with lenders to negotiate the lowest possible rate for your particular situation. Putting money down is often not necessary. The credit specialist understands the need to re-establish your credit and work with you to stay within your budgeted payment. One Financial Center is Auto Source Financial.

Auto Source Financials, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and understanding. They are a company that values the fight you may have against getting a bad credit car loan. Dr. Credit recognizes the importance of getting the car of your dreams while working to restore your credit. It is important that you realize that your interest rate will be higher than the first. This is due to poor credit history that banks consider a higher risk. However, there are some lenders that will substantially reduce your interest rate on your loan after a few months of good payment records.

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Canadain Bad credit Car Loan Information

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financialfreewayloansontarioNearly 85% of all car purchases are financed in Canada. Couple this with the fact that 10 million Canadians have credit problems and seek bad credit car loans.

In carrying higher interest rates for non-prime loans, bad credit car loans are not difficult to achieve. Even people who have filed for bankruptcy can find a decent offer on auto financing if you shop around. No matter if you buy new or used.

Bad Credit Car Loans – New Purchase

For peace of mind, safety and driving without complications, there is nothing like buying a new car. When you buy new, you have more control over optional features if you buy a used car. You will also receive a new warranty lasts much longer than the extended warranty can be purchased for used cars.

The danger in buying new is “upside down” on bad car credit loan. One way around this is to have a decent signal-to 30% or better. Another way is to choose a vehicle with high resale value. This will help curb the depreciation.

Depreciation is the difference between the MSRP (MSRP) when the vehicle was purchased and what is worth now. A $ 25,000 car will depreciate an average of 15% the first year and between 7% and 10% annually over the next two years. Cars with a prestigious nameplate hold their value longer and are less likely to depreciate more quickly than the car loan.

Bad Credit Car Loans – Buy Used

Buying a used car makes sense if you want to keep your monthly payments affordable. Since used cars depreciate more slowly than new cars, they do best short-term guarantee for lenders. However, some lenders reduce the loan term and increase the rate of bad credit car loans.

When you buy used, you have the opportunity to obtain a more expensive model than they could afford if he bought it new. For the same amount, which could have a new Suzuki, one of two years old, Kizashi, or a six-year-old Chevrolet.

Get a used car from a private will be cheaper to buy the same car from a dealership. Here are some questions you want to ask the seller:

– How long have you owned the vehicle?
– Has the vehicle in an accident or paint?
– When is the next state inspection and emissions test?
– How often has the oil and filter changed?
– Why is selling the vehicle?

First Things First

With the ease of the application process online at sites like buying a car, you can pre-qualify for a bad credit car loan before buying a vehicle. Make sure to borrow enough money to cover all costs associated with buying, as the dealer preparation costs, if you are purchasing new license plates, title and registration fees

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Getting Credit in Canada

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The issue of credit history and immigrants is not new to Canada, yet there is very little information available and no research study obtainable on the specific topic. An extensive literature search uncovered Canadian institutions presentations, which allude to financing problems for immigrants without ever directly addressing the issue of credit history. An Industry Canada literature review revealed two potentially relevant studies, but again neither one addressed the topic specifically: “… this study was not specific to ethnic minorities in Canada, and it does not directly examine potential barriers to financing by these groups. However, it might provide a starting point to identify variables which might be implicated in decisions related to financing decisions.
When discussing language minority entrepreneurs, the Industry Canada paper stated, Regional studies do exist in the literature, but these studies are not specifically focused on financing barriers that are unique to language minority entrepreneurs. As a result, no literature is reviewed in this section. There is a need for further research to empirically confirm the impact of the issue of credit history for newcomers and to delve into the negative outcomes associated with the problem. Websites like Citizenship & Immigration Canada and B.C. Office of Immigration along with Canadian Bankers Association discuss credit/ credit rating, but in terms of defining it, building good credit, and applying for credit. The sites convey neither the importance nor the necessity of credit history to obtain financing to succeed in Canada. Furthermore, present research studies make no mention of the long-term societal consequences.

Immigrant Tailored Financing Programs

Some Canadian and American community-based organizations, financial institutions, and government departments are aware of the issues associated with lack of recognition of credit history and have started to introduce immigrant-specific financing programs to offset the problem.

Canadian Programs

The Maytree Foundation, a Toronto-based charitable foundation committed to reducing poverty and inequality, offers the Immigrant Employment Loan Program for immigrants who need short-term training in order to be employable in Canada.
The objective of the loan program is to develop a new and permanent stream of financial capital for immigrants and refugees who do not possess a credit history or collateral, but require short term training and upgrading that leads to employment or require an assessment of their previous skills, education and experience that could lead to certification. Similarly, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Employment Development, a community economic development organization in Calgary, in conjunction with the Immigrant Access Fund Society, has the
Immigrant Access Fund, which provides immigrants with micro loans to pursue Canadian accreditation in their field of prior study.
Partnerships have formed to address the credit history issue for immigrants. In Vancouver, Van-City Credit Union, together with Mosaic, a non-profit settlement agency, developed the Immigrant Loan Program, which also provides funding for licensing and upgrading. S.U.C.C.E.S.S, a non-profit settlement agency located across British Columbia, along with Western Economic Diversification Canada, Coast Capital and Auto Source Financial.

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