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No Credit

Auto Source is part of a nationwide network of automobile dealers and lenders with car financing specialists ready to work with you. We work with all types of credit including individuals having bad credit, poor credit, no credit or bankruptcy! Everybody can get the most competitive loan available for used car finance. It just takes some planning. Tell us a little bit about yourself so we can help you get a quick car loans quote! Auto Source works with lenders and dealers who offer no credit and bad credit loans. Having bad credit or no credit isn’t a deal breaker. We can work with you to Get Approved for a No Credit or Bad Credit Car Loan.

Apply for a Car Loan… Even if you have No Credit

If you have been turned down at a car dealership for a car loan or been denied by a bank due to your credit ratings, we are here to help. We work with dealers and lenders who do offer loans for those with no credit who are credit challenged.

Car Loans for those who have No Credit History

If you haven’t had the time or opportunity to build a personal credit history, financing your very first car can be an annoying experience. The good news is Auto Source works with many dealers and lenders who are experienced in car financing for those who haven’t established a credit history. It is important that you have an income that you can document that can pay the loan you are applying for through proof of employment for at least 6 months as well as proof or residency.

Apply for a Zero Credit Car Loan

What you will need to apply for a zero credit car loan. Whereas all loans require all necessary documents, securing financing for an auto with zero credit could require some additional documentation. Here is a list of some important documents which leader may ask for if you having zero or no credit:

Most recent pay stub


Statement of Business Activities and 3 Months Bank statements if self Employed


Driver’s license

Additional documents which supports any earnings such as child support or alimony

“No Credit” Program of Action”

As the situation arises for applying for no credit, the best opinion is to get a program of action. Moreover, this is the best place to start your budget with. You just need to be sensible and systematic. You simple need to choose car you desire. Search for online calculators available to conclude how much you could afford to finance. Subsequent to that you need to spot the automobile, you desire visit various online insurance companies to find out the estimated cost of insurance. If you’re comfortable with the numbers, you can simply fill out an online application for your no credit car loan. You would be really surprise to know how easy it is to gain a car loan with no credit.

Getting a Car Loan with No Credit

Having a bad or no credit rating should not stop you from applying for an auto loan. No credit car finance is available through different lenders and dealers. Auto Source will help you searching and making sure you are working with a financial institution, which is able to handle a no credit car loan. Auto Source helps you with your zero credit car loan requirements. We are part of a network of dealers and lenders who are experienced with NO credit and poor credit lending. Tell us about your situation on our short and simple application form and you’ll be on your way to getting approved for your next car! Our services are free and absolutely without any obligation.

No Money Down Cars Finance

Based upon your credit criterion no money down car loans do exist and are possible even with bad credit history. No money down auto finance is often required for those individuals having a low income, fixed income, or previous bankruptcy, which had no way of planning for this while their car taken a dump. If your car loan is been approved by certain banks, they don’t need money down. However, depending on the loan to cost ratio, your rate of interest could be to some extent incremented. Another way to availing a car loan with no money down is to get in a trade vehicle.